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Getting ready for off-road trip

Many owners of SUVs for the autumn and winter period want to improve possibilities of the cars, to increase their possibility, to equip with the equipment which will help with close conditions. It also is clear, knowing, in what turn in the fall and in the winter the provincial roads which did not learn asphalt […]

Tesla Model X – new fast electiric SUV

Company Tesla officially presented the newest crossover Tesla Model X. Top electric SUV incorporated all the best that was earlier in company cars, and also got several new possibilities. And now in Tesla there are vertically opening doors! The newest Tesla Model Х (P90D) is still interesting looks outside, and is plain — from within. […]

Our view to Cadillac Escalade 2014

Learning about that the manufacturer of luxury cars of Cadillac intends to sell new Escalade in Europe, I had a question — for what to Americans to deduce such expensive and big car on the European automobile market, after all Europeans do not buy even those full-size off-road cars which have been made in the […]

Mercedez Benz releasing 3 new crossovers next year

The next year will be rather sated for the German mark Mercedes-Benz which within the limits of modernization of a grocery ruler deduces on the market over dozen new/updated models. Plans on lineup updating have been sounded by the company on specially organized for representatives of mass-media of press conference in Barcelona. New year begins […]

Mercedes Benz brings in competition for BMW X6 – GLE Coupe

The German brand “Mercedes Benz” during an official statement concerning creation of sports line of models AMG Sport published teaser first two novelties of the given family. One of the cars presented on a picture, new crossover GLE Coupe is. Creation of new ruler AMG Sport became the answer of Mercedes-Benz to occurrence of family […]

6 versions of new SUV Porsche Macan

New SUV Porsche Macan will be given to buyers choice possibility between six various engines. The base variant of a crossover of Porsche Macan receives 4-cylinder turbo charged petrol motor capacity of 220 h.p. and can, being accelerated with 0 to 100 km/h in 7,5 with maximum speed of 230 km/h. The scale of gasoline […]

Seats of Cadillac SRX will warn about danger with vibration

Designers and engineers of the North American company of Cadillac spent restyling of crossover SRX which public premiere passes tomorrow on the New York showroom. Modernization of front fenders concerns the most appreciable changes in appearance luxury SUV and a radiator enclosure and occurrence of the new complete set of 20-inch light-alloy disks. In a […]

Audi preparing two version of charged Q5

Engineers of the German company work over creation at once two hot versions of model Q5 one of which receives a petrol power-plant, another – diesel. The diesel version of the car under Audi SQ5 TDI name will be equipped by the 3.0-litre motor with a double turbo-supercharging. Capacity of V-shaped “six” makes around 310 […]

BMW will refresh X5 next year

The Bavarian concern plans to finish creation of new generation of popular crossover X5 within the next 18 months. Sources in BMW’s familiar with the project, assert that designers of mark managed to freshen considerably appearance of a crossover, keeping at recognized silhouette of the car. In a front part of a body SUV the […]

New 2013 Chevrolet Trailblazer

The American motor-car manufacturer of Chevrolet presented in Trailblazer a lineup of 2013 on the threshold of a debut at auto show in Bangkok (Bangkok International Motor Show). The new SUV car, according to manufacturers, has a strong body, and also provides the best in the class quality of driving and responsiveness. Under a cowl […]

Mazda CX-5 very popular in Japan

Motorists of the Country of a rising sun were built in turn for new city SUV Mazda CX-5. Demand for model in Japan surpassed the most courageous expectations. In total for one month the company received from clients of 8 thousand orders for crossover CX-5 though it was initially planned to sell monthly in the […]

Concept SUV MILA Coupic

The Austrian motor-car manufacturer Magna Steyr is the infrequent visitor in headings of automobile news. However when it there appears, be assured: not noticed it does not remain. At the future auto show in Geneva the company intends to show concept MILA Coupic which is better it is possible to describe, how “a car 3 […]

Abt Sportsline QS3 based on Audi Q3

Abt Sportsline revealed the first details concerning model QS3 which is based on Audi Q3. We see this car at the Geneva auto show already on March, 6th, therefore in studio tuning decided not to hide the novelty characteristic further. It is necessary to note about improved version QS3 as the very first variant has […]

Range Rover Evoque touched by Hamann

Tuning studio Hamann is going to present the creations in Geneva. And one car which they concern with special trembling, is Range Rover Evoque. Their embodiment of an off-road car causes a stir use of an extensive package that mentions not only appearance of the car. From the aesthetic point of view of master Hamann […]

First shots of BMW X4

The Bavarian motor-car manufacturer of BMW already confirmed the information of relative intention to add the new car to the X-class. New model X4 prepares for joining present SUVs X3, X5 and X6. It is supposed that new off-road car X4 appears already in the end of 2012 and will be assembled on platform X3 […]

Official announcement about 2013 GMC Terrain Denali

North American motor-car manufacturer GMC presented updated 2013 Terrain Denali which is considered one of the most magnificent suv’s in the segment. According to the manufacturer new Denali it is possible to distinguish on its chrome plated a radiator enclosure, to new headlights and restyling to tail lights. Also the novelty received the chrome plated […]

Mass production of Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Edition

The luxury brand of Infiniti confirmed plans on release of serial version FX Sebastian Vettel. As well as concept, this model receives an aggressive body-whale, easy components and a sports suspender which reduces a crossover ground clearance. Under Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel hood there is 5,0-liter 8-cylinder engine which makes capacity in 420 h.p. (309 […]

Range Rover SUV Cabriolet Evoque

To Geneva Range Rover brought the cabriolet Evoque which was interesting to that is one of rare exceptions when the car of this kind becomes on the basis of a crossover. The interesting design decision while concept, but already had time to travel on streets of London. Video of how it was you can look […]

New Audi Q5 spotted by paparazzis

Audi Q5 SUV car on a way undergoing to updating, as well as all other cars of a ruler of Audi. And this new model Q5 already had time to get to objectives of chambers during test tests in rather snow conditions. The prototype differed white color body, however paparazzi managed to be embodied and […]

New model of Kia Sorento Will Be Ready by 2013

Kia company presented officially new SUV Sorento 2013 model. The new sport utility car has not too many updating’s in comparison with the current version. It is possible to allocate 17-inch light-alloy disks, slightly changed front panel, the chrome plated tip on a tube of an exhaust system, exhaust gases, heating up/cooling of front seats, […]