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Abt Sportsline QS3 based on Audi Q3

Abt Sportsline revealed the first details concerning model QS3 which is based on Audi Q3. We see this car at the Geneva auto show already on March, 6th, therefore in studio tuning decided not to hide the novelty characteristic further. It is necessary to note about improved version QS3 as the very first variant has been exhausted in August of last year.

Abt QS3

To begin with refreshed Abt QS3 differs from Audi Q3 the power unit. Diesel 2.0-litre motor TDI received capacity of 205 h.p. instead of 177 in original model. Capacity of 2.0-litre gasoline engine TFSI with standard 211 to 270 h.p. also increased. The novelty also received body-kit, engaging new spoilers, a front bumper and some other things.