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Audi preparing two version of charged Q5

Engineers of the German company work over creation at once two hot versions of model Q5 one of which receives a petrol power-plant, another – diesel.

The diesel version of the car under Audi SQ5 TDI name will be equipped by the 3.0-litre motor with a double turbo-supercharging. Capacity of V-shaped “six” makes around 310 h.p. As edition Autocar, for the first time the German company confirms shows the charged version of SUV with diesel engine in June during carrying out of a daily racing marathon “24 hours of Le Mans”. On petrol version of Audi SQ5 which will be focused first of all on the market of the USA, it is planned to put the 3.0-litre engine with a mechanical supercharger capacity of 333 h.p. and a twisting moment of 450 Nanometers. Let’s remind that now Audi runs in in Europe prototypes restyling Q5. The updated model of the manufacturer from Ingolstadt from the present version of SUV distinguish a hexagon radiator enclosure with the chrome plated vertical laths, modified bumpers and light-emitting diode running fires in the form of a boomerang, built in head optics. The company makes shifts in a power ruler, excluding from it 3.2-litre petrol motor V6 and adding the 3.0-litre unit with a mechanical supercharger capacity of 275 h.p. and a new diesel engine in volume of 2.0 liters, accessible in two variants of capacity: 150 and 190 h.p.

The world premiere of restyled Audi Q5 SUV takes place in September at an exhibition in Paris.