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BMW will refresh X5 next year

The Bavarian concern plans to finish creation of new generation of popular crossover X5 within the next 18 months.

Sources in BMW’s familiar with the project, assert that designers of mark managed to freshen considerably appearance of a crossover, keeping at recognized silhouette of the car. In a front part of a body SUV the central place is occupied still with a firm double radiator enclosure of BMW which became a little above and more widely. On each side lattices the new head optics with light-emitting diode elements settles down, and finishes metamorphoses in a front part a modified bumper with running LED-lanterns and fog lights. On “forage” of the Bavarian crossover there were new bumper and a luggage compartment door, and also the modified light-emitting diode headlights.

In a basis of following generation of BMW X5 new modular platform F15 which allows BMW to cut down essentially expenses on working out of the future cars lays down. Besides petrol and diesel engines, the crossover begins to be completed with the hybrid power-plant consisting of a 2.0-litre diesel engine by capacity about 210 h.p. and a 20 h.p. electric motor. Earlier it was informed that BMW X5 receives also the hybrid engine with 3.0-litre turbo engine capacity of 306 h.p. and the 54 h.p. electric motor integrated into an eight-step automatic transmission.

The world premiere of BMW X5 of generation “next” takes place in second half of next year, presumably, on a September showroom in Frankfurt.