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Concept SUV MILA Coupic

The Austrian motor-car manufacturer Magna Steyr is the infrequent visitor in headings of automobile news. However when it there appears, be assured: not noticed it does not remain. At the future auto show in Geneva the company intends to show concept MILA Coupic which is better it is possible to describe, how “a car 3 in 1”. In the elementary terms MILA Coupic is a SUV coupe with the innovative collapsible roof consisting of two sections that can be opened independently from each other. The front part can open from front seats to rear, and the roof rear opens so that to provide more spaces under luggage loading.

Mila Coupic

Concept it is painted in two colors: green and white that are underlined by a considerable quantity of aluminum accents. It forces the car to look rather non-conventional. The car projection represents some so-called layers: the bottom layer provides stability and road ability of his SUV concept model, average is responsible for safety and comfort, and the uppermost – for sports appearance and elegance.