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Mercedes Benz brings in competition for BMW X6 – GLE Coupe

The German brand “Mercedes Benz” during an official statement concerning creation of sports line of models AMG Sport published teaser first two novelties of the given family. One of the cars presented on a picture, new crossover GLE Coupe is.

Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe ConceptCreation of new ruler AMG Sport became the answer of Mercedes-Benz to occurrence of family of cars of BMW M Performance. Models with stickers of AMG Sport will have the forced power-plants, the all-wheel drive system, the recustomized suspender and highly effective brake gears. Appearance of cars will be changed by installation of an aerodynamic weather-cloth and light-alloy disks of exclusive design. The first members of ruler AMG Sport become a sedan of a C-class and new crossover GLE Coupe. Both cars are embodied on published in Mercedes-Benz Network teaser. Judging by the image, designed on base SUV ML-class which has been renamed recently into GLE-class model, cross-country-coupe has oblong front flashlights, a semi-oval radiator enclosure with a large emblem of the company, strongly filled up racks of a windshield and an oblique roof.

This car probably will be among fastest suv’s because BMW X6 is here and has a very high position, it means that Mercedes Benz folks will have to make that list too in order to compete with their BMW rival.

New suv car GLE Coupe will make at the American enterprise of the company in the city of Tuscaloosa with petrol and diesel units V6 and V8, and also a hybrid power-plant. Engines join with a nine-step automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system 4Matic.

“The charged” variant of the car equip with the new 5.5-litre gasoline engine with two turbines. V-shaped “eight”, according to preliminary data, develops not less than 570 h.p. Model of Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe with badge AMG acts as the contender recently presented in Los Angeles SUV BMW X6 M.

Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe price will be at the same level of X6.