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Mercedez Benz releasing 3 new crossovers next year

The next year will be rather sated for the German mark Mercedes-Benz which within the limits of modernization of a grocery ruler deduces on the market over dozen new/updated models.

Plans on lineup updating have been sounded by the company on specially organized for representatives of mass-media of press conference in Barcelona. New year begins for Mercedes-Benz with presentation in Detroit a new ruler of sports models AMG Sport. “First-borns” of family AMG Sport become sedan C450 and new crossover GLE450 Coupe.

amgcoupe5950In March the Stuttgart motor-car manufacturer on the motor-show in Geneva acquaints the public with versatile person CLA Shooting Brake which network premiere took place some days ago. The car will make with diesel motors (136 and 177 h.p.) and four gasoline engines in a range of capacity from 122 to 360 h.p. For petrol versions of versatile person CLA Shooting Brake the all-wheel drive system 4Matic will be provided. In sale the family car arrives right after a debut. Simultaneously with it at dealer shops in March there will be presented in Paris of super penalties AMG GT, limousine Mercedes-Maybach S-Class debuting in Los Angeles and the hybrid version of model C-Class with possibility of additional charge of batteries from the electric system.

amg5963zIn April the company offers the European consumers to purchase an all-wheel drive variant of minivan V-Class. Now the given car is on sale exclusively in mono versions. In at one time from V-class Mercedes-Benz 4Matic on the market leave a cabriolet smart for-two and tuned up version of the car from tuning studio Brabus. In June of Mercedes-Benz spends alternation of generations of a crossover of a GLK-class which will be accessible for the first time in sports version AMG. “Hot” off road type car GLC-class Mercedes-Benz complete with 4.0-litre gasoline engine V8 with two turbines. The unit depending on version can develop 462 or 510 h.p.

Till the end of summer Mercedes-Benz pleases motorists with a premiere of new crossover GLE-Class which in a grocery ruler comes in the stead of a ML-class off-road car. Simultaneously with GLE-Class Germans exhaust on the market and coupe type SUV under name GLE-Class Coupe. The given car aimed at rivalry from BMW X6, is planned to make at the American enterprise of the company in the city of Tuscaloosa with petrol and diesel units V6 and V8, and also a hybrid power-plant. Engines join with a nine-step automatic transmission and system 4Matic.

“Parade” of novelties of “Mercedes” comes to the end with prime ministers restyling versions of a hatchback of an A-class (September) and two-door version of model of a C-class (November) on which working out our portal informed this morning in the autumn. Cost of a Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe appears a little above sedan.