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Our view to Cadillac Escalade 2014

Learning about that the manufacturer of luxury cars of Cadillac intends to sell new Escalade in Europe, I had a question — for what to Americans to deduce such expensive and big car on the European automobile market, after all Europeans do not buy even those full-size off-road cars which have been made in the Europe, and send them in United States, Europe and in the rich countries of the near east. Maybe to be to count Cadillac on the market of east Europe where there can live people mentality similar to Russian but even if the buyer and is, demand will be smallest — it is too expensive for Europeans such cars, and not so is wide smothering at them as at Russian. There can be Americans wanted to light the car in Geneva before those journalists which did not reach auto show in New York, passing in 2013 year on which new Cadillac Escalade 2014 has been shown?

To buy Cadillac Escalade in the USA it is possible for $73 000 but you can also request free price quote of this car and get the best offer. It is the price of base Cadillac, and it is necessary to tell, the price completely not modest, after all Mercedes GL-class the second generation costs in States on 10 000$ more cheaply. Cadillac Escalade Premium price starts from 82 000 dollars.

This time on our garage we discuss Cadillac Escalade of the third generation; we look at its technical characteristics and added various options. Manufacture of the American off-road car will be developed in Arlington (USA) while speech about arrangement of industrial platforms in Europe, or Russia speech does not go. Escalade belongs to the class of luxury off-road cars, and it means that to it will have to struggle for the buyer with: Range Rover L405, Lexus LX570, Infinity QX56 and with the compatriot in the form of Lincoln Navigator.

Review Of Exterior

As before, Escalade will be on sale with the usual and extended base, long version has prefix ESV. The length usual Escalade — 5180 mm, a wheelbase — 2946, Escalade ESV has length in 5698 mm and base in 3302 mm. To such wheelbase, ESV can compete with the buyer even with new Mercedes S-class W222. Both in short and in a long variant new Escalade became longer previous on 37 mm and are wider on 25 mm. The width of the new car is equal 2045 mm, and height — 1890 mm. The new off-road car became a little below previous that positively effects on aerodynamics. On aerodynamic in Escalade special “jalousie” which works also closes a radiator on high speed is very positive moment, considering the huge area radiator lattices on this Cadillac. As well as in the previous generation, Escalade has a frame body, but on new model the frame became on 75 % of more rigid.

Pleases that at cars of mark Cadillac is own style. Sharp sides are that that distinguishes Cadillac from other expensive cars. In base execution of Cadillac it is put in tires by dimension: 275/55 R20, but in more expensive versions — Luxury and Premium, the American car puts shoes on in tire covers in the size: 285/45 R22 — it is valid, the big wheels. Here it is necessary to remember that to the USA, an off-road car of Cadillac is a favorite car of musicians, and for them grandeur in appearance plays huge value. Cadillac has completely light-emitting diode headlights and tail lights. Tail lights were stretched on a vertical on 3/4 from all height of a body. The most expensive version — Premium differs illumination of external handles. The equipped weight of “short” Cadillac — 2 651 kg, considerable weight which on the majority of cars serves as an obstacle for a fast set of speed, but only not for Cadillac, about its engine which allows not to notice huge weight we talk more low. The road gleam (ground clearance) of an off-road car of Cadillac — 230 mm that certainly not so is a lot of for the car with such long wheelbase. It is enough of it, but not for driving on a serious off-road car. In general it is very heavy to present, what who that tired out this smart off-road car.


The increase of dimensions of new car was reflected and on internal spaces. In front, the driver and the front passenger received 100 additional mm for feet and 44 mm over heads. As well as it is necessary to such smart car, Cadillac Escalade is equipped by an electric drive gear not only a wheel, but also pedals. Besides, at door opening, from under a threshold the sideboard which helps to enter automatically leaves, or to leave the car. Devices of new Escalade are executed in the form of the monitor by a diagonal 12.3d on which the speedometer and tachometer image is deduced. The similar decision was accepted earlier in new Mercedes S-class W222. One more monitor in 8d is located by a diagonal on the central extension housing, but it is responsible for multimedia. Already in the base, the first and the second row of seats is equipped not only heating up, but also ventilation of seats. As an option the third row of seats is offered. Depending on a complete set, on a place of the second row of seats the general sofa can be established, or two separate кресла.ca2.2 the chamber of the rear engine and system enters Into base equipment starting engine operations from the button. As the additional equipment the monitor intended for passengers of the second and the third row a diagonal in 9d, fastening under a ceiling is offered. In high level of this off-road car specify both seats developing and displayed by means of the electric drive of the second and the third row. At the combined second row, usual car is contained 2667 liters luggage, and by longer version ESV — 3412л. Depending on the sofa established on the second number, or armchairs, car is 7-emi, or 8 local car.

Cadillac Escalade Technical Characteristics

For off-road car only one power-plant is offered is petrol V8 in volume 6.2 L. Generally is the modernized motor established on the previous off-road car, but it on 17 HP became more powerful and on 58 NM torque. Capacity in 420 HP and a twisting moment in 623Н.М allows to type 100 km at an o’clock for 6.5 seconds, and it is the car in the equipped weight more 2.5 t, equipped with an all-wheel drive and an automatic transmission! The maximum speed, as well as in a case with last generation is limited on 180 km at an o’clock. It is interesting that the declared expense of gasoline on a city is declared on a mark in 16.3 liters — hardly trusted in such profitability though car and is equipped by system of switching-off of cylinders, 16 liters are too little for such heavy and powerful car.

In the States Cadillac will be for sale also in a rear-drive version, but in any other country this neat off-road car is in demand only if at it all four wheels mode. As a gear box on Cadillac the six-high-speed automatic machine — Hydra Matic 6L80 is applied. In difference from last generation of Chevrolet Tahoe at which a rear suspension spring, Cadillac is equipped by spring independent suspension Magnetic Ride Control which is able to be arranged independently under road conditions changing ruggedness of a running gear. Options can be changed and compulsorily, from a place of the driver.