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Range Rover Evoque touched by Hamann

Tuning studio Hamann is going to present the creations in Geneva. And one car which they concern with special trembling, is Range Rover Evoque. Their embodiment of an off-road car causes a stir use of an extensive package that mentions not only appearance of the car. From the aesthetic point of view of master Hamann supplied a crossover with the new front bumper consisting of two sections, “skirts” that of 22 inches made the car more widely on 70 millimeters in front and on 80 millimeters behind, the complete set of disks. Company Hamann suggests each client to finish a passenger compartment to the taste, using high-quality leather and a covering, same use at expensive repair of apartments and offices.

Range Rover Evoque Hamann Tuning

Version of a stuffing of the car becomes the highlight of the program. It includes the new exhaust system, the sports air filter, and also reprogramming ECU. Thanks to it it was possible to increase capacity all to three optional to engines Evoque: at 2.2-litre TD4 with 148 to 179 h.p.; at 2.2-litre ED4 with 187 to 218 h.p. and at 2.2-litre Si4 with 240 to 278 h.p.