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Range Rover SUV Cabriolet Evoque

To Geneva Range Rover brought the cabriolet Evoque which was interesting to that is one of rare exceptions when the car of this kind becomes on the basis of a crossover. The interesting design decision while concept, but already had time to travel on streets of London. Video of how it was you can look at inside publications.

Let’s remind that cabriolet Range Rover Evoque on 75 kg is heavier, than the original version. The prototype with folding top has been developed by the designer of Land Rover Gerry McGovern and its command. Range Rover Evoque possesses completely cleaned roof. From features also it is necessary to note additional protection at overturning, parking chambers, entertaining system with the 8-inch touch screen, audio system Meridian and 21-inch wheels. More detailed information on model will be presented, if the manufacturer to dare at a mass production.