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Tesla Model X – new fast electiric SUV

Company Tesla officially presented the newest crossover Tesla Model X. Top electric SUV incorporated all the best that was earlier in company cars, and also got several new possibilities. And now in Tesla there are vertically opening doors!

The newest Tesla Model Х (P90D) is still interesting looks outside, and is plain — from within. As before, it is one of the fastest cars in the world — to 100 km it can be accelerated in 3,2 seconds. We wait for updating of an insertion which, as well as in a case with Model S, should make this process even faster.

The large quantity of gauges still helps to watch a situation on road. The mode “Autopilot” here too is, and the 17-inch touch display did not disappear. As well as in P85D, two motors are established: front with capacity of 259 horsepowers and rear with 503 “horsies”. The maximum speed is limited 250 km/hour. One charge of a car suffices for distance overcoming in 400 km. The car exterior changed, though and not strongly is still recognized Tesla.

Tesla Model X

Protection against biological attacks

If ever there will be a biological attack, that a safe place becomes your car, — head Tesla of Elon Musk declared during presentation. The HEPA-filter allows trapping the smallest particles in air and relieves of them passengers. In this case, it works in uniform system which is responsible for heating, ventilation and interior air-conditioning.

But there is a special button which allows to activate its work on a maximum is and there is that mode of protection against bio attacks. Under the statement of the manufacturer, the filter in a car in 10 times more habitual for a car, in 300 times filters bacteria, in 500 times — allergens, in 700 times — a smog, and in 800 times — viruses is better.


By the way, now in a door electric car open vertically. It is necessary for them only 30 cm of free space on each side — even the parking lot does not make any uncomfortable situations. Gauges define, how much highly it is possible to hoist doors so even under a small canopy automatics does not bring. Anyway, to us so promise. Process looks, at least, unusually.

Unfortunately, the unusual design is only at passengers on rear places — drivers should open doors in the old manner. Well, or nearly so — now in Tesla there was “butler” who by means of ultrasound finds out the owner, opens to it a door on the way and closes it after landing in a car.


This car is capable to help not only in case of improbable bio attack — more traditional safety here too is provided. Elon Musk underlined that Tesla Model X has every chance «to receive a breakdown susceptibility rating in 5 stars on each category». The most interesting that is meant “everyone” also risk of overturning — here «extremely low center of gravity». If to trust founders, Model X lands on wheels even at falling from a rock. We hope, to anybody to check on honesty it is the statement it is not necessary. Certainly, the car worries about users not only in case of emergencies, but such approach should please.

The price

Despite statements the Mask that falling of the prices for oil makes Tesla more cheaply, the novelty still concerns very expensive cars — the minimum complete set starts from 132 thousand dollars. If to order this new beautiful SUV from Tesla now, to receive it will be possible in 8-12 months. For those who wants Tesla, but it is not ready to pay so much while it is necessary to wait for exit Tesla 3.